Amy Slaton Weight Loss [Updated]: Surgery, Pregnancy, Before and After

When Amy first appeared on the TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters, fans noticed that finally, a light-weighted participant has joined.

However, that “light-weighted” was only light-weighted as compared to the standards of the show. Slaton’s weight was about 400 pounds when she first appeared on the show.

But Amy wasn’t satisfied at all. She never thought that her weight has increased that much. After finding out the reality, Amy embarked on the journey to lose weight. And she did succeed in that journey. Slaton reached 270 pounds. But of course, that journey wasn’t without ups and downs. 

Amy had to see a lot of hard times along the way. She was on kind of a roller coaster going up and down. So, join me in finding out what that roller coaster felt like to Slaton, herself. 

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Amy Slaton’s Weight Loss Journey

Amy Slaton weight loss journey

Before finding out how did she lose weight, we should discuss how did she reach where she is now.

In Slaton’s own words, “We (she and her sister who is also struggling with obesity) were born very poor”. She said that there were times when we did not have food at all. 

Amy recalled that they were provided food by the church and most of the time it was fast food.

So, this is how her, (along with her sister’s) weight started increasing. That was precisely how Amy built a love for fast food that became the main reason behind her obesity.

Now, returning to the main question of how did Slaton lose weight. When Slaton consulted with her doctor, he informed her that the only way to start weight loss was by undergoing surgery. On hearing that, Amy agreed.

However, the doctor put forward a condition that she must lose 20 pounds before undergoing surgery as it would eliminate all high risks.

How did Amy Lose Weight?

Agreeing on this point with the doctor as well, Slaton lost 20 pounds after a lot of struggle in the gym and eliminating a big portion of her food consumption. The next step was to undergo the surgery and that is what she did.

After the procedure was done, Amy’s weight was down to 300 pounds. That was a huge accomplishment compared to the history of Slaton’s struggles with obesity.

After that surgery, things took a different turn. Amy became pregnant with her son, Gage, and the weight loss journey had to be stopped. 

During the pregnancy, as expectable, Slaton put on a lot of weight. She said that it seemed all her “struggles were in vain”. However, as soon as she gave birth, Slaton got back on track. She observed discipline in her eating and did workouts on a daily basis.

Amy Slaton baby

In this way, she lost weight in quite a great way and became slimmer. Amy’s struggle so bewildered her fans that when one of her fans saw her jogging in a public park, they shared the photo on Reddit, making it a topic of discussion. The photo was captioned, “Amy looks so skinny. She has lost a lot of extra skin”.

Before & After Weight Loss

Amy Slaton before after weight loss

To be precise, Slaton has lost 130 pounds in her weight loss journey. She went from 400 pounds straight to 270 pounds. While shocking everyone, even her sister, Tammy.

1000-lb Sisters Season 3

The Slaton sisters have appeared in the new season of the show as well. The show was released on November 15, 2021.

Fans, who were waiting for a long time, are very excited and happy to find out more about Amy and her sister, Tammy’s struggles.

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Final Words

There is no doubt that Slaton has seen a lot of struggles in her life. Obesity, for a long time, has dominated her life.

However, now Slaton is taking a stand and she has made a huge difference. Amy is a sparkle of light for those who despair because of obesity.

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