Emma Chamberlain weight loss Emma Chamberlain weight loss

Emma Chamberlain’s Healthy Lifestyle [2024]: Diet and Workout

Emma is an American personality. She has millions of followers on almost every social media platform.

Chamberlain became an internet celebrity through her YouTube channel, on which she has more than 11 million subscribers. Because of her huge impact on the internet, Chamberlain won the 2018 Streamy Award

In 2019, Time magazine included Emma on the list of The 25 Most Influential People On The Internet. She also hosts her YouTube podcast with the name Anything Goes With Emma Chamberlain. Besides Emma’s amazing talent, she is also famous for another reason, her fitness.

Almost everyone that she encounters asks Chamberlain how she stays so fit and healthy. Well, if you find out about Emma’s struggle with living a balanced life, you would be surprised. In fact, she struggles with an eating disorder. 

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Emma’s Struggle With Eating Disorder

Emma Chamberlain

In her interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Chamberlain said, “I’ve been struggling with an eating disorder my entire childhood. It was a side effect of growing up being an internet celebrity. I am not that much concerned about how I look now but it wasn’t the case in the past.”

At one time in her life, Emma was so concerned about how she looked that she would even skip meals.

She also said that editing YouTube videos at night was also a factor that contributed to her being skinnier. She was even criticized for starving herself by her family.

Talking about this, she said, “My entire family told me I looked dreadful. They said, ‘You appear to be dying.’ I said to myself, ‘I believe I look terrific.’” The good news is that she is out of that phase now. Emma is now very confident and comfortable with her appearance.

How does Emma Stay Fit and Healthy?

She stopped obsessing over how she looked way before. Emma has set out a healthy daily routine that she follows every day to stay fit and active.

Chamberlain eats healthy organic food and exercises on a daily basis. But there is more to her daily routine. Keep reading.

1. Coffee Before Everything

Now, this might seem a little bit strange but Chamberlain puts coffee before everything. I mean everything. Talking about her everyday routine, she said, “The first thing I do when I wake up is to check the time. ‘Cause I really don’t set alarms. And then I check my phone. And if I have any pressing messages or emails, I reply to them first.”

She added, “Ant then it is the coffee time immediately. I get right out of the bed, don’t brush my teeth, don’t wash my face, I go straight downstairs. I either make my first coffee or go get coffee with someone.” And this was her first cup of coffee. She drinks four of them in a given day.

Emma’s obsession with coffee can be understood by the fact that she has her own coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee. “I drink my coffee every day. It would be weird if I didn’t,” Emma said jokingly.

2. A Really Good Breakfast

Chamberlain eats breakfast every day, which is really a good thing. Not eating breakfast is one of the biggest mistakes that people make who are trying to lose weight. When you don’t have a good breakfast, you end up wanting to eat the whole day.

So, instead of consuming a few calories, you will end up consuming way more calories. Talking about her breakfast, Chamberlain said, “My breakfast almost every single day is two fried eggs. VERY VERY cooked. Like probably too well done. To a point where most people wouldn’t wanna eat it. I like my eggs almost burned.”

3. Working Every Day

Emma Chamberlain workout

The reason Emma is successful today is that she has been consistent in what she has been doing. After her coffee and breakfast, Chamberlain sits in front of the laptop and does whatever is there to be done, usually of course maintaining her YouTube channel.

“After breakfast, usually I will start working on whatever I need to work on,” Chamberlain said, “After I get a decent chunk of work done, then I’ll take a shower, wash my face, brush my teeth, do all of that.” 

4. Lunch Isn’t That Exciting

One of the benefits of eating a good breakfast for Chamberlain is that she doesn’t feel the need to have lunch. “Lunch for me is the neglected meal,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. It’s not that Emma doesn’t eat lunch. It is that she consumes very few calories than others.

Talking about what she eats for lunch, Emma said, “I’ve never cooked a lunch. I cannot tell you one time that I cooked lunch. Recently, I’ve been ordering this salad from a restaurant called Zinc. And it’s kale, lentils, carrots, hard-boiled egg, and this nice salty, shallot, vinaigrette on top.”

She added, “It sounds like it is so boring but it is so good. I’ve been eating that a lot for lunch. Sometimes I’ll get a burrito or a burrito bowl from a place called Takaya in LA.”

5. Being a Vegetarian

“I’m a vegetarian,” Emma said, “I was vegan for a while but now I’m a vegetarian because I grew up vegetarian. I’ve never had meat in my diet. I continue to be a vegetarian mainly because I’m a picky eater.” And this has been very beneficial for Emma’s health.

By staying vegetarian she has stayed fit and has stayed away from consuming cholesterol. Although Emma is looking forward to experiencing new kinds of food. She said that as she is getting old she is trying to be more “flexible”

6. Eating Snacks Whenever I Feel Like

Emma also eats snacks whenever she feels a little hungry. “I’m not a big fan of snacks but I eat them whenever I feel little urges of hunger.” She snacks on crackers, plums, yogurt, Nutella, or cheese depending upon her mood.

7. Dinner Is My Favorite Meal

Yes, you read it right. Dinner is Emma’s favorite meal. Talking about this, she said, “It is my favorite meal of the day, to be honest because it’s just like go crazy. If I’m cooking something for myself, it’s something pretty low maintenance.”

Chamberlain added, “I’ll take like some frozen vegetables of some sort, heat those up, cut up some tofu, fry that in some olive oil, mix that in with the veggies, take some brown rice, mix that in there, and then I love putting yellow curry sauce all over it, and then I season it.”

Emma is so random when it comes to food. She is also in love with pasta, and burritos. Besides that, Chamberlain also eats a vegan burger. Yeah, you read it right. It is Monty’s Burger in LA. And this is how Emma’s dinner goes, random, tasty, and healthy.

8. Working Out Isn’t A Regular Thing

Emma Chamberlain weight loss

Although Chamberlain is all for living a healthy life, she isn’t a big fan of working out. But she has to keep things balanced. Instead of exercising in the gym, Emma exercises at her home. She also practices yoga on a regular basis. “When it comes to working out, I’m not a big fan,” Emma said.

Body Measurements

By maintaining a healthy diet and practicing yoga every day, Chamberlain has successfully kept herself fit and healthy. She weighs 110 pounds (50 kgs) and is 5 ft 4 in (1.62 m) tall. 

Final Words

There are a lot of people who struggle with either body dysmorphia or an eating disorder. Emma Chamberlain was one of them. The good news is that she has recovered from it and is now living a healthy and peaceful life.

Emma has proved that getting out of that slippery slope isn’t impossible. So, if you are also looking forward to a healthy and happy life, just follow in Emma’s footsteps.

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