TJ Before and After Weight Loss TJ Before and After Weight Loss

TJ OTT Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

TJ Ott gained fame through his appearances on the reality TV show “Wicked Tuna,” which airs on the National Geographic channel. On the show, he’s known for catching a significant amount of tuna.

Over the years, as he built a large following of fans, many began to notice a remarkable change in his physical appearance. In this article, we’ll delve into TJ Ott’s inspiring weight loss journey.

When TJ first graced the TV screen on the show, he was dealing with being overweight. However, in recent years, he has undergone a tremendous transformation by shedding a substantial amount of weight. At his heaviest, TJ weighed around 170 kilograms.

According to some sources, it’s estimated that TJ has managed to lose approximately 30-35 kilograms, which is equivalent to 66-77 pounds. It’s evident that TJ put in a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve this impressive weight loss.

Weight Loss Journey

TJ OTT weight loss Journey

TJ OTT started his weight loss journey when he appeared in the National Geography reality show. He said, “I have to change my physique for better health and a happy life”.

His weight loss journey was hard for him but TJ didn’t give up. He was doing a workout and following a secret diet. And it was worth it and it changed his whole lifestyle.

Gregory Jbara and Steve Gonsalves have also lost a noticeable amount of weight which shocked their fans.

Did TJ OTT have Surgery?

Losing such a tremendous amount of weight is truly astonishing, and it’s sometimes difficult to believe that TJ achieved this transformation naturally through exercise and diet.

What’s interesting is that there isn’t any reliable news or report confirming that TJ underwent weight loss surgery. Moreover, TJ has not spoken about any surgical procedures himself. This strongly suggests that he indeed lost all his weight through natural means.

How did TJ OTT lose weight?

TJ OTT weight loss journey

TJ didn’t speak about his weight loss very much in public. But there are a few things that he followed to lose weight.

TJ started to track his eating and drinking habits all day. He added some healthy food to his diet and removed all the high-calorie items. And he was also eating in a calorie deficit. 

Diet Plan

TJ’s diet is a little bit secret. He measures all the food items he eats. TJ avoids high-sugar food products. Added new organic food and vegetables to his diet plan. 

Workout Plan

TJ’s workout routine was simple. He starts his day by walking. TJ does some cardio and weight lifting. He had to go to the gym to get a desirable outcome. Tj did a massive weight loss with a strict routine.

Before & After Weight Loss

TJ Before and After Weight Loss

Net Worth

According to some sources TJ’s net worth is around $2 million US dollars. The Show Wicked Tuna aired on National Geography and gained popularity across the United States. TJ received $100K per episode. He made a lot of money in a short period of time.

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