Kym Whitley Weight Loss [Updated] – Diet, Workout, Before & After

An American comedian Kym Whitley recently has gone through a weight loss journey and successfully lost 25 lbs in 5 months.

Let’s take a closer look into Kym Whitley’s weight loss journey. 

Weight Loss Journey

Kym Whitley After Weight Loss

Kym Whitley try to lose weight many times in the past. But she couldn’t change her eating habits and gained all that weight back. So now this time she wanted to do something different.

She joined the WW program which helps people in their fitness journey. Kym was staying with the program and learning some new tips to stay motivated on her journey. She wasn’t a believer in weight loss programs but this program helped her. 

How did Kym Whitley lose weight?

Kym was tracking everything on the WW tracker app. Little efforts made a big difference.

There are simple tips she followed which helped her. Kym shifted to the healthy foods and snacks provided by WW (weight watchers).

There is a feature in WW that ask for foods that you have in your fridge and after selecting the foods you have in your fridge it will come up with a healthy recipe that you can make with those foods. 

Like many other celebrities such as Shonda Rhimes and Tokyo Vanity, Kym finally started getting results.

Diet Plan

She was following a diet provided by WW which includes all the vegetables, snacks, and healthy recipes. Kym had tacos soup once a week.

But the other thing which helped her a lot was drinking a lot of water. This is a very important tip. Of whoever lost weight 90% of them were drinking a lot of water because it keeps your stomach full. Kym ha

Drinking a lot of water can prevent you from overeating. It’s easy to implement in your daily life. So start doing it today if you are also struggling with weight loss. 

Workout Plan

Kym didn’t go to the gym regularly. She was running on the treadmill and doing other little activities to keep her body moving. One of her tips is to start moving when you are on the phone.

So if you are using your phone don’t sit, start walking around wherever you are. This helps you to keep your body in active mode. 

Did Kym Whitley have weight loss surgery?

No, Kym didn’t go through weight loss surgery to lose weight. She choose the natural way to improve her health and it was completely successful. Kym lost weight by eating healthy and doing little physical activity. 

Before & After Weight Loss

Kym Whitley Before After Weight Loss

Kym Whitley joined WW and in five months she has lost 25 pounds. In total, she has lost 29 pounds and still counting.

Kym’s goal is to lose 40 pounds. She didn’t stop her healthy routine. Kym said, she is enjoying her journey and she will keep following this healthy routine for as long as she can. 

Is Kym Whitley on Weight Watchers?

Yes, Kym Whitley has become the ambassador of Weight Watchers. She was announced to be an ambassador of Weight Watchers in May. 

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Kym Whitley Before Weight Loss