Jacob “Buck” Lowe Weight Loss 2021: Before & After Journey

Even though his name is Jacob Lowe, but a lot of fans know him by the name of Buck. He became famous with the name Buck because of his work in Mountain Monsters. However, recently he has been away from the TV screen for a while now.

Fans are concerned about Jacob. While being away from the TV screen, however, has proved to be very good for Lowe. He has lost a significant amount of weight. He is healthy and is focusing on his acting career.

How did Jacob lose weight?

Jacob Lowe After Weight Loss 2

Jacob keeps his personal life a secret. So, there is not much information available about his weight loss. However, I’ll share the whole available information with you.

Lowe (Buck) started his weight loss journey when the doctor told him that he needed to lose some pounds. Because it was crucial for his health.

After hearing the news from the doctor, Lowe embarked on the journey of weight loss. He avoided all junk food that might have made the situation worse. He started going for a walk daily early in the morning. Lowe limited the consumption of meat and dairy products.

He started consuming fruits in a great quantity. Jacob also joined a gym where he would mostly lift weight and do cardio. With the passage of time, he improved his health and now is in good condition.

There are other celebrities who lost weight to live a healthy life, such as Biko Wright Weight Loss journey, Who was a participant in the show called ‘Alone‘.

How much weight did Jacob lose?

jacob Lowe Before and after

If you have been following Lowe for a long time, you can easily see the difference between old and new Jacob.

He has lost more than 30 pounds since the doctor advised him to do so. Which is a remarkable achievement. And he continues to do so. Lowe has continued his weight loss journey and is improving day by day.

Where is Jacob now?

As of now, Jacob is living a healthy and well-balanced life. He is limiting drinking and carb consumption. However, much of what Lowe is doing right now is not known, he wants to keep things to himself.

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