Jacob “Buck” Lowe Weight Loss [2023]: Before & After

Meet Jacob Lowe, better known to many as “Buck.” You might remember him from his exciting adventures on the TV show Mountain Monsters. But guess what? Buck has been taking a break from the small screen lately.

Now, you might be wondering why fans are talking about him. Well, it’s because something pretty cool has been happening during his time away.

Buck has undergone an amazing transformation! He’s shed a bunch of weight and is looking healthier than ever. And guess what else? He’s been putting his energy into acting.

So, let’s dive into this story of Buck’s journey to a healthier life and his exciting acting career!

How did Jacob lose weight?

Jacob Lowe After Weight Loss 2

Jacob keeps his personal life a secret. So, there is not much information available about his weight loss. However, I’ll share the whole available information with you.

Lowe (Buck) started his weight loss journey when the doctor told him that he needed to lose some pounds. Because it was crucial for his health.

After hearing the news from the doctor, Lowe embarked on the journey of weight loss. He avoided all junk food that might have made the situation worse. He started going for a walk daily early in the morning. Lowe limited the consumption of meat and dairy products.

He started consuming fruits in great quantity. Jacob also joined a gym where he would mostly lift weights and do cardio. With the passage of time, he improved his health and now is in good condition.

There are other celebrities who lost weight to live a healthy life, such as Sam Larson, Kielyn Marrone, Callie Russell, David McIntyre, and Biko Wright Weight Loss Journey. They were also participants in the show called ‘Alone‘.

How much weight did Jacob lose?

jacob Lowe Before and after

If you’ve been a long-time follower of Lowe, you’ll notice a striking difference between the old and new Jacob.

He’s actually shed over 30 pounds since his doctor recommended it, which is quite an impressive feat. What’s even more remarkable is that he’s still on that weight loss journey, making progress with each passing day.

Jacob Lowe is showing us that with determination, you can achieve your health goals and keep getting better!

Where is Jacob now?

As of now, Jacob is living a healthy and well-balanced life. He is limiting drinking and carb consumption. However, much of what Lowe is doing right now is not known, he wants to keep things to himself.

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  1. He seems so intelligent and really cute looking. Love those dimples.
    It’s too bad he’s been so heavy and am so happy for his weight loss. Sometimes you need to overcome psychological reasons for eating like your bad thoughts or worries, so I hope he gets some support somewhere.
    Other than that, I think he’s awesome and a great guy! Good for you, kudos and good vibes heading your way from your fans.

  2. Those dudes on Mountain Monsters are hilarious and I’d give my right testes just to be able to hang out with those old country boys for a day. They aren’t from but 2 to 3 hrs from my home town here in Ohio. They should come to Marysville and investigate werewolf lane and the possible going ons out there. Thanks! Oh and congrats to buck and his weight loss journey! Keep going, buddy!

  3. I have loved this show since the very first episode. I’m so happy to see Buck’s weight loss, and I’m so proud of him as he continues his weight loss journey. He is a handsome young man, and I wish him a long, happy life. I do love all the guys on the show and wish continued success for them.

  4. I’m so very thrilled for Buck losing all this weight! He’s a very handsome young man and is incredibly funny. I love Mountain Monsters! You guys are a great team who looks out for one another. Keep up the healthy living Buck! You rock!

  5. I love the show but not the profanity. I think the show would be just as good and funny without it.

  6. Love the show and was wondering if you are having more shows it is April and you have not been on for a few weeks . So will you be back on soon ? Don’t like the other monster show they have on.

  7. Hi buck if u can let me moms if there is going to be another season I just like to let u no I really enjoy u guys and the show I think u guys r the best and am very sorry about trapper he was one of sass kind he will be dearly missed he was a good man and I don’t even know him well I would love to see u guys on air again ok be good and I will pray for more seasons not just one more hope u r all well thank Robert panarella

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