Kelly Osbourne before and after weight loss Kelly Osbourne before and after weight loss

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

The English actress, TV personality, singer, model, and Fashion designer, Kelly Osbourne, has always been the center of attention because of her unique personality. After her debut in The Osbournes, Kelly rose to fame and worked on many projects.

However, there came a moment when her progress was stopped because of her habits. With the passage of time, Osbourne developed a negative habit of binge eating.

In her own words, she would “eat emotionally”. Whenever faced with stress or overwork, Kelly would take refuge in food.

And as one can expect, she gained weight. Within months, Kelly became obese and it had a very bad impact on her career.

Osbourne faced discrimination because of her body image. Seeing all this, Kelly decided once and for all to shed extra pounds.

She embarked on the journey to lose weight. And within months, Kelly lost 90 pounds (40 kgs).

Certainly, this huge transformation had a very big impact on her career and her fans started inquiring how did she do it. To find out, stay with us.

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Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss Journey

Kelly Osbourne weight loss journey

When Kelly took the decision to lose weight, she wasn’t sure how to do it. There were many options and each option had its own problems.

After analyzing her options for weeks, Osbourne finally decided that she would go with Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

It is a type of surgery in which the surgeon reduces your stomach by 80%. In this way, you get rid of your previous weight and consume less food. Thus, having low weight.

Now, going for surgery has its own drawbacks. But Kelly knew that it wouldn’t take much time and was an easy way.

Even though the idea of losing weight was boosted by the way people behaved around overweight actresses when Kelly decided to go for surgery, she knew that above all it was for herself.

I wasn’t so fu*king happy and I felt amazing,” Kelly told the interviewer, “I did it for me”.

She regarded the decision as “the best thing I have ever done”. However, weight loss wasn’t her only achievement. Osbourne did overcome her bad habit of binge eating. She prepared a healthy diet for her. 

Kelly’s Diet Plan

Kelly Osbourne after weight loss 2

She started keeping track of her eating routine. Osbourne cut down the calorie consumption from 3000 calories to 1800 calories.

She avoided eating unhealthy fast food. Not only fast food but got rid of every kind of processed food as well.

In place of fast food, Kelly would have a green veggies salad of fresh vegetables. Kelly also oppressed her cravings for drinking and substituted them with the juice of fresh fruits and vegetables. This healthy eating order helped Kelly maintain her weight after surgery.

Kelly’s Workout Plan

Where eating healthy was crucial, burning calories through daily exercise was equally important.

Kelly joined the gym and started visiting it every day except Sunday. She included a daily workout routine of half an hour in her already busy life. 

Kelly gave a Try to Her Old Lifestyle

Kelly Osbourne before weight loss 2

After a long time of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Kelly tried to get back into her old self for a while.

However, it didn’t turn out well. “I am an addict and had thought that I had enough time under my belt and I could drink like a normal person, and it turns out I cannot and I will never be normal,” Kelly told the interviewer. 

She continued, “I don’t know why I even tried it. It’s not for me and it took me a matter of days and I was like done, not doing this.” Osbourne immediately found out that it was very dangerous to do so. She now abstains from drinking except on rare occasions.

Before & After Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne before and after weight loss

Before undergoing surgery, Osbourne’s weight was approximately 210 pounds. However, after having weight loss surgery, her new weight is now 121 pounds, which means she lost an incredible 90 pounds in the process.

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Final Words

If you want someone to lose weight and get in healthy shape the last thing you should do is make fun of their current shape.

Of course, Kelly isn’t the only person who has faced criticism just because of how she looked.

If you know any such person who is having trouble with obesity try to talk to them and believe me they themselves want to get rid of it. You just have to motivate them and they’ll do it.

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