Martin Clunes before after weight loss Martin Clunes before after weight loss

Martin Clunes Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Martin is an English actor, comedian, TV presenter, and director. He rose to prominence after he appeared as Martin Ellingham on ITV’s comedy show, Doc Martin.

Clunes has worked on many famous and successful projects. He has also presented various documentaries about animals.

We all know that Clunes is well-known for his acting career and has achieved a lot of success.

However, recently, he became a topic of headlines for completely another reason. Lately, Martin has lost 3 stone (42 pounds).

Martin Clunes weight loss

This was totally an unexpected thing for his fans, which surprised them as well as shocked them.

Soon after Martin’s, weight loss news was public, his social media accounts were stormed by his fans.

Some were worried about his health while others wanted to know the truth behind his drastic weight loss.

Seeing his fans’ concern for his health, he said, “Don’t worry guys, I’m okay and healthier than before. I lost weight because I had to. I’m fine.”

This statement proved to be very helpful in calming Martin’s fans down. 

However, he still hadn’t answered the full question. He was still getting asked on almost every platform how did he lose weight.

And I’m sure that you are here for the same reason. Then, without any delay, let’s dive right into the weight loss journey of Clunes.

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Martin’s Weight Loss Journey

Martin Clunes weight loss 2

Martin realized that he was getting old and not only old with the passage of time, but he was also gaining weight very quickly.

And that weight was slowing him down. So, after consulting with his doctor, he realized that it was better for his health if he lost some extra weight.

The weight was becoming an obstacle in the mere movement. Talking about the situation, Clunes said, “I was fat. And while I was getting heavy, I had tired knees and stuff.”

And after this realization, the wisest step was to lose pounds, which he did. That’s where the English actor’s weight loss journey began.

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How did Martin Lose Weight?

Although the situation was worrying at first, Martin didn’t panic.

He observed his health condition and after consulting with experts, he chose a weight-loss method that suited him the most.

Clunes lost weight by following the 5:2 diet plan.

It’s a kind of diet plan in which five days a week the dieter eats normally just like everyone while in the remaining two days, he eats only a quarter of what he ate before.

“I thought I’d try that diet (5:2 diet) and the weight came off. I lost about three stone in as many months. It’s great and it’s supposed to be good for cholesterol, too,” Clunes said.

As the diet plan succeeded and Martin lost weight, he chose to make it even simpler. As of now, he follows a 6:1 diet plan.

This diet is called The Fast Diet. There are no hard rules in the fast diet. You can eat whatever you like.

The only condition is that on the chosen days, you should eat less than you eat on the normal days.

Now, of course, eating whatever doesn’t mean that you start eating junk food. Being conscious about what you eat is the primary condition here.

Before and After Weight Loss

Martin Clunes before after weight loss

Martin’s current weight is around 165 to 170 pounds. But in the past, he used to weigh 210 pounds. That means Martin has successfully shed 42 pounds during his journey to a healthier self.

Final Words

After making these positive changes to his physique, Clunes is back on the healthy track and is living a happy life.

He is back on the TV screen with a new documentary show, Martin Clunes: My Travels and Other Animals, and so far fans are loving the show.

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