Lexi Reed before after Lexi Reed before after

Lexi Reed Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Lexi Reed is a social media influencer who became really famous in 2016 when she shared her incredible weight loss story on Instagram. Her fans were super curious to find out what happened.

Lexi didn’t just lose a little weight; she actually lost a whopping 312 pounds, and her husband Danny lost 95 pounds too! Together, as a couple, they shed a total of 407 pounds in less than two years.

This amazing weight loss journey had a big impact on Lexi’s fans, and they were eager to know all the details about how she did it.

Motivation Behind Lexi’s Weight Loss

In 2018, Lexi said in an interview taken by people “A friend challenged us to 30 days of no eating out, cheat meals, soda, or alcohol.”

She said that she started cooking, meal prepping, tracking our calories, and reading nutrition labels.

Lexi is Still Facing Problems

Lexi Reed weight loss

However, losing weight didn’t turn out to be a good decision. Not at least the way in which she lost weight.

Reed had lost weight by undergoing gastric bypass surgery, which at first bore fine results, however, the later developments in her health led to a total disaster.

Soon after her surgery, Lexi faced kidney failure. Reed, 31, has been dealing with some major side effects after her Kidney failure in January.

Since then, Reed has been going through ups and downs, from completing dialysis treatments to stomach and leg pain, she is continuously visiting the hospital again and again. 

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The main side effect of kidney failure is that she is having calcium buildup around her joints.

Reed informed through Instagram that she had trouble walking on her legs and it was getting worse day by day.

“Unfortunately, here we go again,” she said.

“Gonna get some answers. Basically, I’m having really hard knots in my stomach that have been getting worse.

My legs are really heavy and they hurt really bad. And I’ve had a temperature of over 101 since Thursday that we’ve been trying to keep down with acetaminophen (Tylenol).” She added.

Reed informed her followers through her Instagram story, “Not how I wanted to spend my Monday,”

Lexi shared a photo of her hospital’s ER entrance. “Been in pain the last two weeks with my legs and stomach & it’s not getting better so here we are.”

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Reed’s Husband Explains the Issue

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A post shared by Danny Reed (@discoveringdanny)

Danny Reed posted his wife’s photo on Lexi’s Instagram account where she was hooked up to a ventilator in a hospital bed.

He cautioned that “​​A few weeks ago Lexi kept getting sick and couldn’t keep any food down.”

He said that she then started acting differently so he took her to the hospital where they admitted her into ICU and placed her on a medically induced ventilator, they told him that her organs started failing.

“They also told me if I had waited it’s possible she could have died. She is currently in dialysis, can’t walk, and is working on recovery.” Danny stated in the caption.

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Lexi Kept her followers Informed Even From the Hospital

Lexi posted a photo on Instagram and informed that she had dialysis thrice every week to rid her body of excess fluids that caused her organs to fail.

She said that she goes daily for dialysis at 6 early in the morning.

Each dialysis lasted 4 hours, she explained how the process works.

Reed said, “They hook me up to a machine and remove waste + excess fluids as my kidneys aren’t working.”

“I may not be focusing on weight loss as much here right now (I’m eating healthy in bed and aiming for more protein) but I am working to heal and I wanted to share parts with you guys on this new journey.” She added.

When the Hospital discharged Lexi Reed

On March 20, 2022, Reed announced on her Instagram post that she has been discharged, she also said that she has gone through good and bad times but she was always grateful because of the people’s support.

“I still have a long way to go in this new part of my journey with my health, struggles, and even some unanswered questions but happy to still be going in the right direction after such a scare this year.” She added.

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Critics of Lexi Reed’s Fund

Reed asked her followers for help by setting up a GoFundMe page.

However, some critics said that she was able to afford her health insurance.

Reed totally denied it by saying that people seem to think that she is some sort of millionaire just because the internet says so but she said they’re far from that.

A website claims that Reed has a net worth of $1.5 Million.

Lexi said, “People on the internet are reading that I have all kinds of money, which is insane to me because I clearly don’t.” 

“Our house isn’t even paid off and we only drive one vehicle so I’m not quite sure why people are so quick to believe anything these days,” Lexi added further.

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Lexi Reed Undergo Surgery

The weight loss influencer posted two photos of Lexi, one before the skin removal surgery and the second one after two months of surgery.

Lexi posted on Instagram, “Covered in scars in both photos, but both beautiful wounds from one hell of a fight.

From losing 312 lbs to having 7 lbs of skin removed in a 9-hour surgery, every step has been worth the fight to give this body the care that it needs.”

Lexi compared her photos saying that both girls are strong and she has loved herself at every stage of her journey, especially the girl who started and motivated her from her inner self to achieve the goal. 

Before and After Weight Loss

Lexi Reed before after

Before Lexi had surgery, she weighed around 485 pounds. But after her journey, she managed to lose a remarkable 312 pounds. Now, she weighs about 173 pounds. That’s a huge and amazing transformation for her body!

Final Words

Lexi Reed weight loss before after

The Weight Loss Journey of Lexi Reed tells us that we should never give up on our dreams.

No matter what you have to do to achieve your goal, just do it.

Because only then we will be able to bring meaning to our lives.

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