Mariah Carey before after weight loss Mariah Carey before after weight loss

Mariah Carey Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Mariah is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer. She’s a music legend known as the “Queen of Christmas” and the “Songbird Supreme.”

Carey shot to stardom with her debut album in 1990. Here’s a remarkable fact about her: she became the first singer ever to have her first five singles reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. That’s a truly impressive achievement!

Mariah’s Struggle with Weight Fluctuations

Mariah Carey weight loss

There is no doubt that Carey is one of the great singers of all time and she has got a great voice. But when it comes to her body, she has been through so much. As she became famous and busy in her life, Mariah started gaining weight.

Now, no one knows what is to blame here, either her busy schedule or her love for sweets.

But the fact is that throughout her career, she has been through a lot. And her weight escalated during her pregnancy. But the good news is that Carey is a fighter. 

When her weight reached high, she didn’t give up. Rather, Carey stood high and faced the problem, and succeeded in the end.

She has gained and lost weight multiple times. However, her most recent weight loss is quite promising in the sense that this might be the last time Mariah has to undergo a weight loss journey.

We will explain this later but first, let us find out about Carey’s struggle with weight fluctuations throughout the years. Let’s dive right into it.

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Gaining Weight in 2006

The first time Carey had real trouble with her weight was in 2006. As it was the peak period in Carey’s music career, she was often criticized for gaining weight. Some critics passed comments such as “Given her weight, Mariah shouldn’t be wearing skimpy outfits.”

Such comments had a very big impact on Mariah. And keeping her critics in mind, she embarked on the weight loss journey.

Carey succeeded in shedding a huge amount of weight. It was quite a big achievement but unfortunately, it didn’t last forever.

Losing Post-Pregnancy Weight

During the pregnancy, Carey gained a lot of weight. She faced a lot of difficulties because of it. The main problem during her pregnancy was edema. It made her body look so bloated.

She was having so severe body image issues that Carey even avoided coming in front of her then-husband, Nick Cannon, without covering up first.

But after giving birth to her twins in 2010, Carey again started her weight loss journey. And after maintaining a healthy diet and working out in gyms, she succeeded in getting lighter.

Undergoing Gastric Surgery in 2017

Unfortunately, Mariah’s new figure didn’t last long this time as well and within a year of her losing weight, she gained the lost weight back. This time, Carey decided to take some extreme measures to fight back against obesity.

In order to lose weight, she underwent gastric sleeve surgery and ended up losing 60 pounds. Carey was criticized for undergoing the procedure and was blamed for “promoting dangerous weight loss approaches”. But she believed firmly in her decision and stood for it.

Losing Weight in 2021

Although Mariah succeeded in getting rid of unhealthy weight and remained a healthy figure, it didn’t last forever. As the pandemic hit the world, everything was closed. And everything included gyms as well. So, as the gyms were closed and Carey was stuck at home, she started gaining extra pounds.

Now, you might be thinking that Carey must be depressed after all she went through. But no. As I said earlier, Carey is a fighter. And as soon as the lockdown was over, Mariah was out there rocking the world and losing weight. 

The good thing is that this time she followed more of a natural approach. Carey started maintaining a strict diet plan.

Along with eating healthily, she also did a lot of working out. And as she followed the healthy approach, she was bound to lose weight. And she succeeded in losing 40 pounds.

Mariah’s Diet Plan

Although Carey made a lot of changes in her diet, the secret behind her weight loss is that she eliminated sugar completely from her diet. Yes, she gave up eating processed sugar. Whatever had processed sugar in, it was a big no for Mariah.

Carey substituted the processed sugar with the natural one. In other words, she started eating more fruits.

Carey started focusing on more of a vegetarian diet. She ate meat but only lean meat. She ate smoked salmon and capers, which is one of her favorite foods.

Whereas before, Carey had three full meals per day, now she broke them down and reduced them into little meals.

In this way, she kept her energy level up all day while at the same time, consuming less amount of food. Mariah had her daily calorie intake reduced to 1500 calories.

Mariah’s Workout Plan

While Mariah was putting her 100% into improving her diet, she also paid equal attention to her workout routine. She started spending more time at the gym.

She would do cardio workouts followed by 30 minutes of yoga. At the end of the workout session, Carey would meditate for 20 minutes. She would do this three times a week.

Before & After Weight Loss

Mariah Carey before after weight loss

Finally, after struggling with being overweight and having issues with her body image for years, Carey is comfortable with her situation.

She has lost weight by following a diet and workout plan and successfully lost 40 pounds.

Her current weight is 145 pounds as compared to her old weight of 185 pounds. The good news is that Carey is still following this diet and workout plan.

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Final Words

I don’t think there is a more powerful weight loss story than Mariah’s. She literally fell and stood up multiple times and still fought back.

After years of struggling with being overweight, Carey is finally in good shape and her fans are loving her. We hope that she stays healthy forever.

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