Ariya Jutanugarn before after weight loss Ariya Jutanugarn before after weight loss

Ariya Jutanugarn Weight Loss [2024] – Before and After

Ariya has achieved something amazing in the world of golf. She’s the first Thai golfer, regardless of whether they’re a guy or a girl, to win a really big championship.

Not only that, she’s also ranked as the number one golfer in the Women’s World Golf Rankings. But you know what? Getting to this point wasn’t easy at all, and Ariya Jutanugarn isn’t afraid of putting in the hard work.

Ariya’s journey to where she is now wasn’t smooth sailing. She faced a lot of challenges and had to make sacrifices.

One of the biggest challenges was related to her health. Sadly, diabetes runs in Jutanugarn’s family, which makes things more difficult. But despite all these obstacles, she managed to rise above them and reach the number one spot.

Ariya pays really close attention to what she eats. Recently, she even managed to lose 20 pounds, which is quite a lot.

This achievement has caught a lot of attention. Her fans are talking about it and some are even worried that she might not be well.

But the truth is, there’s no news of Ariya being sick. She lost weight through sheer hard work and dedication. So, let’s take a closer look at Ariya Jutanugarn’s journey to losing weight.

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Ariya Jutanugarn’s Weight Loss Journey

Ariya Jutanugarn weight loss journey

Ariya was looking for some healthy transformation before the commencement of the second season. So, she decided to embark on the journey to lose weight. In her quest to lose weight, Ariya made some radical changes to her daily routine.

To stay away from unhealthy calories, Jutanugarn avoided every kind of unhealthy food. She stayed away even from her birthday cake. When Ariya was given a surprise from her sister and family, she only took a few bites.

I love to have dessert”, Ariya remarked, “I can have a cake even right before I play so right now I have to cut down. I can have only one bite or two bites if I want to because I have issues”.

How did Ariya Lose Weight?

Ariya Jutanugarn Weight Loss

Ariya was determined to shed some extra weight, and she took proactive steps to achieve her goal. The first change she made was to her diet plan. She decided to avoid processed foods completely.

These are the kinds of foods that come in packages and are often high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats. Instead, she focused on eating fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. This change in her diet was the first step on her weight loss journey.

In addition to improving her eating habits, Ariya began going to the gym every day. She engaged in intense workout sessions that lasted for an hour each time. During these workouts, she would do activities that helped her burn a lot of calories.

These included exercises like jogging on the treadmill, lifting weights, doing jumping jacks, and cycling. By being consistent with her daily gym visits and pushing herself through these vigorous exercises, Ariya started to notice positive changes in her body.

Before & After Weight Loss

Ariya Jutanugarn before after weight loss

Ariya managed to drop her weight from 180 lbs to 160 lbs, shedding a total of 20 lbs during her journey. This impressive change not only made her healthier but also had a big impact on her performance in her activities.

As a result of this amazing transformation, Jutanugarn greatly improved her skills and abilities in her chosen field. In her case, that field was her sport or activity – you might think of it like becoming really good at playing a game.

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Final Words

It’s true that Ariya has some health issues relating to diabetes but she has never let it become a hindrance in her way.

Ariya is a good example for anyone aspiring to become an athlete. She is not only a source of inspiration for athletes but also for those who are trying to look up to someone for inspiration in their weight loss journey.

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