Ignazio Boschetto Weight Loss: Diet, Workout, Before and After

The Italian singer, Ignazio, is well-known for being a member of II Volo, an operatic pop trio. Ignazio, along with his group members, Gianluca and Piero, won the Sanremo Music Festival 2015. Boschetto’s career is lightened with a lot of achievements that require a full-length article. 

Here, however, I am to talk about the recent developments in his health. As of recently, Boschetto has successfully shed 77 lbs (35 kgs).

Ignazio’s this achievement has shocked his fans. He was struggling with obesity since his childhood and was very frustrated with his ever-growing weight.

So, how did Ignazio lose weight then? This is the main topic of our article. But before going on his weight loss journey, an equally important question is how did he gain so much weight.

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How did Ignazio Gain so much Weight?

Ignazio Boschetto Weight Loss journey

Ignazio’s obsession with food led him to evergrowing weight. Being an Italian, Boschetto was in love with pizza.

Since his childhood, Boschetto would binge-eating. However, as he grew up, became conscious of himself. Ignazio realized that what he was doing wasn’t healthy and was a very bad habit. 

Ignazio Boschetto’s Weight Loss Journey

Ignazio Boschetto before weight loss 2

Now, let’s turn to our main question of how did Boschetto lose weight. The Italian singer knew that the big contributor to his weight gain was his unhealthy eating habits. So, he did some radical changes to his diet plan. 

First of all, Ignazio got rid of carbohydrates. He gave up pasta and pizza. Boschetto included vegetables and fruits in his meals more than spicey foods. He adds fish and legumes to his diet as well. Besides that, Ignazio also feasts on red meat once a week.

In controlling his diet, Boschetto also focused on exercising. Ignazio would spend hours in the gym doing workouts.

He would start his day with a long walk. Following this healthy and strict routine helped Ignazio in losing extra and unhealthy pounds.

Before & After Weight Loss

Ignazio Boschetto before after weight loss 2

Before losing 77 pounds, Ignazio weighed around 257 pounds. However, his current weight, after a great effort, is 180 pounds

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Final Words

If you are struggling with your weight as well, Boschetto’s story can help you. Ignazio followed a universal way to lose weight. He got rid of every kind of unhealthy food and did a lot of exercises. Which helped him in losing 77 lbs.

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