Ross Mathews before after weight loss Ross Mathews before after weight loss

Ross Mathews Weight Loss: Before and After [2024]

An American TV star and comedian, Ross Mathews, who goes by the nickname “Ross the Intern.” You might remember him from shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he earned that catchy title. But that’s not all; Ross has also shown his funny side on Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Big Brother, and The Insider.

Now, let’s talk about his latest achievement! During the COVID-19 pandemic, while many of us were stuck at home, Ross Mathews did something incredible.

He managed to shed an impressive 50 pounds! His fans couldn’t help but notice the remarkable transformation in his before-and-after photos. Keep reading to find out how he achieved this inspiring feat.

When asked why did Ross lose weight, he answered, “I feel like everyone during this COVID thing has been focused on what we’ve been losing”, he continued, “You know, I’ve lost time from my family. I’ve lost time from my job. I’ve lost this and everyone feels like they’ve lost a year. And I just thought: How can I gain something during this time?

And just when Mathews was thinking about all that, he lost his mother to breast cancer at the age of 69. The loss was unbearable and it completely shattered him. “My mom and I were so close, just beyond close”, Ross said.

He continued, “And when my mother died, I was completely lost. I needed a break. I needed a distraction. Covid, and then losing my mother, it was all becoming unbearable. So, I decided that I should work on my health because that’s what my mom would have wanted”.

The American TV personality, Rob Kardashian, has gotten out of a long depressing period and has lost 50 pounds. Find out how.

Ross Mathews’ Weight Loss Journey

Ross Mathews weight loss

Throughout his career, Mathews had never paid much attention to his health. As a result, he gained a lot of extra pounds. He always thought about it but never took any action. However, as Covid hit the world, there it was. It was a big opportunity for Ross to do something about his increasing weight.

Plus, the loss of his mother made him finally do something to try to get over it. At first, he tried to take refuge in food but he had to do better.

Otherwise, his health might have become even worse. Hence started Mathews’ weight loss journey. He lost weight by maintaining discipline. As there was plenty of time because of quarantine, Ross didn’t have to worry about busyness.

Here’s how Ross started his weight loss journey. He didn’t rush. Rather, Ross was quite patient and lost weight step by step. Following are the steps that he took to lose weight:

1. He got rid of Old Negative Habits

Over the years, Mathews developed some habits that were very bad for his health. Such as overeating and sitting all day. Here is what Ross, himself, told the interviewer about his weaknesses:

 “I’ll be pretty good during the day, and then it’s like, a bag of Doritos at night, because I’m sorry, but when you’re watching ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ you gotta eat something! And then the other one is pizza for me”.

He talked about how he found refuge in the food after the death of his mother, “After mom died, I really found comfort in what I called ‘grief pizza,’ which is like unlimited pizza”. So, the biggest challenge for Ross was to change these old unhealthy patterns that were developed over time. And here’s how he did it.

2. He Worked on His Diet

He started observing things that he was consuming. “I didn’t do a real diet”, Mathews told the interviewer. He further said, “The only thing I did was I talked to people. I gathered some information. And then I started making Ross-cipes”. 

He started eating healthy food such as lean meat, vegetables, and fruits. The first thing that Ross gave up was eating pizza. Slowly and gradually, he gave up all kinds of food that were processed. Instead, as he said, he made dishes at home.

Mathews also gave up drinking alcohol and other soft drinks. He substituted the cup of tea in the morning with a glass of carrot or sometimes gorge juice. By drinking 10 glasses of water, Ross also maintained a level of hydration to help him out while exercising.

3. Mathews Walked, A lot!

A weight-loss journey without a workout routine is incomplete, right? The same goes for Mathews’ weight loss journey. However, his workout routine is different than most people’s. 

When asked about whether he goes to the gym or not, Ross answered the following way:

There’s nothing scarier than the gym. I’d rather watch those awful Halloween movies over and over again. Yeah, the gym is not for me”. Instead of going to the gym, Ross walks. He walks a lot. “I just moved to New York City so I’m walking tons, which helps”, he said.

This is how Mathews burns calories. It is a very efficient way as well. Moving does help in burning fat. And if we do it for a long time, it will make a lot of difference.

Before & After Weight Loss

Ross Mathews before after weight loss

By making some positive changes to his lifestyle, Ross Mathews has accomplished something truly remarkable. He’s managed to slim down from 224 pounds to an impressive 174 pounds! That’s an incredible weight loss of 50 pounds in total.

Ross was so thrilled with his achievement that he decided to share a photo of his new self on his Instagram account as a way of celebrating his success.

The American politician and the presidential candidate in the election of 2004, Al Sharpton, has lost more than half of his body weight, 179 pounds.

Ross Knows What is it Like to Be a Human

When asked about his future plans, Mathews said, “I might mess it up along the way. After all, I’m a human. But I promise you from now on I will work on my improvement”. Ross said that the real problem is not gaining or losing weight, rather, it is “maintaining weight”. Once you lose weight then the real task is maintaining it.

Final Words

By losing weight, Mathews has improved the quality of his life and has set a good example for others as well. If you are also worried about your increasing weight or want to live a healthy and fit life, you can follow in Mathews’ footsteps.

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