Chris Pratt before and after weight loss Chris Pratt before and after weight loss

Chris Pratt Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Chris Pratt is a shining star in Hollywood today, known for his incredible acting talent in numerous movies.

Although Pratt had been part of several projects, his career breakthrough came when he landed the role of Andy Dwyer in NBC’s popular sitcom, “Parks and Recreation.”

Since then, this Hollywood sensation has been unstoppable, achieving great success in his field. One of his major milestones was being cast as Star-Lord in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy.” However, Pratt’s journey to stardom wasn’t always smooth; he faced some significant challenges.

While this article primarily focuses on Chris’s struggles with his health, it’s important to note that he encountered difficulties not only in his acting career but also in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Pratt had a tough history with his weight.

In the past, he battled obesity. “I would eat four burgers at every meal. I became really overweight and reached almost 300 pounds. I had serious health issues that were impacting me significantly,” Pratt recalled.

His weight had reached a dangerous level, putting him at a high risk of heart disease. Moreover, Marvel Studios contacted Chris and offered him the leading role in their upcoming movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

So, there were two compelling reasons for Chris to shed those extra pounds: his health and his career. After all, being obese and working as an actor can be quite challenging.

Pratt embarked on a journey to lose weight and ended up shedding an impressive 60 pounds. Let’s delve into the inspiring story of Chris Pratt’s transformation.

Chris Pratt’s Weight Loss Journey

Chris Pratt weight loss journey

Chris needed an amazing body of a superhero and the most dangerous thing that was slowing him down was his habits.

With the repetition of years, Pratt developed an unconditional love for fast food. Which was a big obstacle in his acting career and needed to be eliminated. 

All in all, it was a big challenge that Chris was facing. He had so much weight to lose and so little time to do so.

Pratt was supposed to shed a huge amount of pounds within months. So, he did what he found the right thing to do. 

First of all, in order to lose weight, Pratt had to control his old unhealthy habits. Chris adopted modesty in his eating routine.

Pratt not only cut down fast food consumption, but he also gave up every food that contained a high number of calories. 

Pratt limited his daily calorie consumption to 4000 calories per day. Most of what he consumed was water. Chris would drink 14 to 15 glasses of water on average every day. He also included salad in every meal.

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Chris’ Workout Plan

Besides controlling his eating habits, Pratt also gave a lot of importance to his workout routine. He would do a lot of workouts in his everyday schedule. Along with his eating routine, Pratt’s intense workouts played a very important part in shaping his muscles. 

An exception to his daily hour at the gym, Pratt would also do running, swimming, boxing, and cycling.

In one of his interviews, Chris disclosed that he lost 35 pounds in only six weeks by “five or six miles a day, eating leafy green salads and protein shakes and cutting out all alcohol”. With this intense workout, such results are inevitable.

Before and After Weight Loss

Chris Pratt before and after weight loss 2

When Chris shared his recent shirtless photo on Twitter, which showed his abs, it shocked everyone. No one was expecting a photo of slim Chris Pratt in their news feed.

By maintaining discipline in his eating habits and doing intense workouts in the gym, Pratt succeeded in losing 60 pounds in a short period of 6 months. And he didn’t stop there.

Pratt’s current weight is about 200 pounds, as compared to his old weight of 300 pounds. He has not stopped losing weight since he started it.

Chris Pratt before and after weight loss

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Final Words

Chris Pratt is a superhero in Marvel Universe but in the real world, he is a human being just like us.

His tremendous weight loss proves that losing weight isn’t impossible. All it requires is commitment and belief in yourself. His story can be a guide for anyone looking forward to getting rid of obesity.

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