Vince Wilfork before after weight loss Vince Wilfork before after weight loss

Vince Wilfork Weight Loss: Before and After [2024]

Vince Wilfork is one of the few football players who are always remembered whenever football is mentioned.

Vince played nose tackle in 13 seasons of the National Football League. He retired after the 2016 season, leaving behind a great legacy. Vince is the second player to win both Super Bowl XXXIX and XLIX.

Throughout his career, Wilfork was known as a “big dude” because of his huge appearance. Vince explained the experience as follows, “Everybody always questions me because I got a big belly. I tell them all the time that I’m always gonna have a belly. I’m always gonna have a belly. That’s my trademark. I’m gonna have a belly.

While being a player, it was the need of the hour but after retirement, Wilfork’s “big belly” became a burden for him. Given the history of tragedy in his family, Vince’s wife was worried about his health.

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Vince’s Decision to Lose Weight

Vince Wilfork weight loss

When Wilfork was in his twenties, he lost his father to diabetes. And then his mother to high blood pressure. This had a devastating effect on his early years. Wilfork’s weight had risen to 325 pounds and there was every reason for his wife to be worried about him.

I calculated how many years it would take for our kids to be the same age Vince was when his parents died,” Vince’s wife, Bianca, said. She continued, “I told him, ‘When our kids are 21, be sure to tell them goodbye because if you follow in the footsteps of your parents, that’s how old they’ll be when you die”.

She further said, “I don’t want my kids to go through what I saw him go through when his parents died. If you only want to have another 20 good years on Earth, keep going the way you’re going. I think that shook him up.

And that shook him up. Soon after having this bitter but honest conversation with his wife, Vince decided to get rid of unhealthy and extra weight which was kind of a time bomb. Well, the next question in your mind must be, how. Let’s answer that.

How did Vince Lose Weight?

Vince Wilfork before weight loss

When Wilfork was thinking about embarking on his weight loss journey, this is what he said, “I’ve got two kids and a wife. When I’m done playing football, I don’t want to suffer from an illness and die. Everything hit home this year for some reason. I decided, why to wait when I can start taking care of this stuff now?

He made up his mind for a long-term solution and strived for it. First of all, Vince needed a plan to fight off increasing obesity. His wife helped in preparing one. After making the plan, there was the hardest part of all, how to implement it. Again his wife helped him in doing so.

Wilfork prepared a full weight loss plan which included a diet as well as a workout plan. Following are details in regard to his weight loss plan:

Wilfork’s Diet Plan

Vince said that he had never been a “Mcdonald’s guy” but he couldn’t say no either. Fast food such as pizza, and burgers was his weakness. Wilfork was also in love with rice and fried chicken. A very good combination to becoming obese. He had to leave his old habits and eating patterns behind.

Vince had to bring a big change in his life. A change that would shake him to his core. Where before, he had two big meals a day, he now divided it into six small chunks. “I’m breaking it down to six meals a day. I snack on something every two or three hours and my body breaks it down more efficiently”, Wilfork described his weight loss journey.

His diet now consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, baked chicken, and fish along with the salad. As much as Wilfork has disciplined his eating habits, he has also done a hell of a job with his drinking habits. Vince now touches beer occasionally.

Instead of alcohol, he now enjoys his evenings with a sip of fresh fruits and vegetable juice. Adding all these new changes in his life helped Vince in getting over obesity and start a new healthy and happy life.

Vince’s Workout Plan

Wilfork was super dedicated to staying healthy. He didn’t just focus on his diet; he also put in a lot of effort when it came to exercise. Every day, he kicked things off with a long, several-hour walk. But that was just the beginning! He hit the gym too, where he lifted weights and did intense cardio workouts.

Why did he work so hard, you ask? Well, Vince Wilfork, being a retired athlete, needed to keep his body in tip-top shape. So, sticking to his diet plan and sweating it out at the gym helped him shed those extra pounds he was putting on.

Before & After Weight Loss

Vince Wilfork before after weight loss

More than losing weight, Vince shifted weight. Where he had weight before, which mostly consisted of fat on his stomach, he now has it on his legs and arms where it was needed. That’s why you will find a new Vince leaner even though he hasn’t really lost that much weight.

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Final Words

With his hard work and determination, Wilfork has set a great example for everyone who is looking forward to living a healthy life. While Vince’s effort is remarkable, we must not forget the part his wife played as well. After all, this is what family is for.

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