Shane Dawson Before After Weight loss Shane Dawson Before After Weight loss

Shane Dawson Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Shane Dawson is an early pioneer of YouTube, often credited with being one of the trailblazers who helped kickstart the YouTube phenomenon.

Shane began his YouTube journey in 2008 when he was just 19 years old, and today, he boasts a staggering subscriber count of over 20 million.

While we see a confident and resilient Shane now, it’s essential to recognize that he hasn’t always been this way. For a long time, Shane struggled with obesity and faced bullying due to his weight.

One particularly painful memory he shared was an incident at an amusement park when he was told he couldn’t ride a roller coaster because he was “too big to fit in.”

Shane had numerous similar experiences, including an embarrassing one at his graduation, where he couldn’t fit into a standard graduation gown, requiring the combination of two gowns to accommodate his size.

After enduring such challenges repeatedly, Shane Dawson made a personal commitment to overcome his obesity, which had become a hurdle in various aspects of his life. He decided that it was time to shed the excess weight and work towards achieving a healthier and more comfortable life.

Shane Dawson’s Weight Loss Journey

Dawson was over 300 pounds when he made the commitment to lose weight. He promised himself that it would not be just emotional talk but a well-planned journey. With this commitment, Dawson embarked on the journey to lose weight.

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How did Dawson Lose Weight?

Shane Dawson Before After Weight loss

The problem with obesity is that it does not come alone. Rather, it brings a lot of other problems with itself. Mainly heart diseases, depression, and anxiety.

In the case of Shane, obesity was a thing since his childhood but now he was stuck in a vicious cycle that was going on and on.

When fans asked Dawson how did he lose weight, he said in his video, “I was always an emotional eater”.

Whenever he felt lonely or obese, Dawson would get upset and when he would get upset, he would reach for some food, hence increasing the level of overall calories. 

Being obese destroyed Shane’s confidence and he was stuck in this cycle. Because of being overweight he was depressed and was eating a lot of food and because he was eating an unhealthy amount of food, he was overweight.

YouTube Helped Shane in Fighting Obesity

Shane Dawson weight loss journey

So the one and only solution for Dawson was to get engaged in a healthy activity that would keep him busy. And Shane was lucky enough that he found YouTube.

In 2008, he started his YouTube channel. He would make funny videos and that would make him busy all day long.

In other words, Shane found what he loved doing. In one of his videos, Dawson said, “I started making YouTube videos and I was putting so much effort into it that I just stopped thinking about it (his weight). I was kind of putting my emotions in the right place; a creative place”

That’s how Dawson got out of the vicious cycle. He stopped binge eating and was working on what he loved.

However, he still had to lose weight that accumulated over the years. So while making videos, Dawson started following a well-planned diet plan. He also joined a gym.

Shane’s Diet Plan

The young YouTuber always had an addiction to eating fast food. Whenever he felt upset or depressed, he would either go to a fast-food restaurant or would order pizza and would eat his feelings. He knew that first of all he had to work on this addiction.

Shane gave up fast food, he limited his calorie consumption to only 2000 calories. Because that’s what an adult human body needs.

Most of the time, he would eat vegetables and fruits only. Dawson also limited the consumption of dairy products. 

Instead of going to a restaurant, Shane would eat at home. Most of the time, homemade food. He knew that this wasn’t enough, so he joined the gym as well.

Shane’s Workout Plan

Shane had never taken exercise seriously before so he did not know much about workouts.

Dawson contacted Trainer Jess to help him out. She would guide him through the whole process. In his workout routine, Shane would do running, cycling, weight lifting, and squats.

In this way, he would burn a lot of calories on a daily basis. At first, Dawson started slowly. He went from 200 calories to 800 calories burning a day.

Before and After Weight Loss

Shane Dawson transformation

Before launching his YouTube channel and while caught in that challenging cycle, Dawson’s weight hovered around 340 pounds. However, at present, he has successfully shed about 150 pounds, and his current weight stands at 187 pounds. This incredible transformation underscores his dedication and hard work on his weight loss journey.

Another YouTuber, Tanya Burr, has lost 30 pounds just within a month.

Shane Fighting Body-Shamming

Shane has faced body shaming on multiple occasions. Not only before joining YouTube but he still faces such negative comments.

Even though Dawson has made pretty much progress, haters do not stop commenting. Shane even announced taking a break from YouTube because of such people.

However, Shane learned to ignore such negative people. He seems comfortable with what he is and seems to enjoy every bit of it.

Right now, Dawson is busy visiting haunted houses. He makes videos on the subject more often. 

Final Words

The problem with negative thinking people is that they don’t give a thought to what they say before saying it.

They don’t care if their illogical comment will hurt someone in the long run because that’s the only thing they know. How to give an opinion on something that they don’t know a thing about?

They don’t care. So, the wise approach would be that we don’t care about them either.

In this way and only this way, we can live peacefully. Just like Shane Dawson has learned to pay much attention to such people.

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