Catelynn Baltierra before after weight loss Catelynn Baltierra before after weight loss

Catelynn Baltierra Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Catelynn is a woman of many talents. She’s not only an author and a public speaker but also a well-known TV personality.

However, what truly catapulted her into the spotlight was her appearances on reality TV shows. Over the years, Baltierra has been a part of several reality programs.

Her journey began in 2009 when she featured in “16 and Pregnant.” But it was her breakthrough into the world of reality TV that really made her a household name.

Catelynn was selected to be part of the popular show “Teen Mom” and later its spin-off, “Teen Mom OG.” Her story of becoming a mom at a young age drew a lot of attention.

Yet, Catelynn’s recent surge in fame has a different reason behind it. Shortly after giving birth to her third child, Rya, her husband Tyler shared a photo of her alongside their fellow co-stars. In that picture, Catelynn stood out for a special reason.

The caption read, “Wifey out here killin it! How’d I get so lucky??” What really surprised Catelynn’s fans was her remarkable weight loss transformation.

Before welcoming her fourth child, Baltierra had struggled with significant weight gain, battling with being overweight. But the photo told a different story altogether.

So, how did this transformation happen? How did “Teen Mom” Catelynn lose so much weight? Let’s dive into the details and find out.

Catelynn Baltierra’s Weight Loss Journey

Catelynn Baltierra before weight loss

After giving birth to her fourth kid, Rya, Baltierra started her weight loss journey. She decided to lose all her baby weight and get back to where she was before.

Her weight loss journey started by adopting a more healthy diet plan. Which mainly consisted of organic food.

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Catelynn’s Diet Plan

Catelynn gave up sugar in the first place. She started avoiding everything that had the slightest possibility of sugar.

Other than that, Baltierra also stopped buying processed food. She would prepare her meal with her own hands and would enjoy it along with the family.

To keep her body hydrated, Baltierra would drink a lot of water. On average, she would drink 13 to 15 glasses of water a day.

Her more frequent choice for lunch and dinner meals was green vegetable salad. Baltierra also followed the saying An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away.

With this healthy combination of food, healthy results were inevitable. Within weeks, Baltierra started noticing changes in her physique that led her to huge weight loss.

Catelynn’s Workout Plan

Given her health conditions, Baltierra wasn’t in a good shape to do workouts. So, she chose an easy way.

The Teen Mom would take a long walk of about 1 mile every morning. In this way, she didn’t have to do hour-long workouts in the gym and she was also burning calories rapidly.

Before & After Weight Loss

Catelynn Baltierra before after weight loss

Catelynn has made an impressive achievement in her weight loss journey, shedding approximately 30 pounds. This transformation has made a significant impact on her life.

Before embarking on her weight loss journey, Catelynn weighed 180 pounds. But now, she’s down to around 150 pounds, showing her dedication and hard work in achieving her health goals.

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Final Words

Catelynn Baltierra weight loss journey

Catelynn is a good example of passion. She has proved that if you have enough passion and if you are committed to your goal, then you can achieve whatever you want.

By losing 30 pounds within 2 months, Baltierra has set a good example for weight loss aspirants.

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